What's new on this site?

Well, at the moment it's all new. I'm sure that will change as time rolls on and the site starts to get old, when that happens I will have to change this introduction won't I? Since the site is intended to contain the random jottings of an old bloke (me) the reader should expect anything and everything to turn up in it at some point in the future. Sadly, no fountain pens were even remotely disturbed during the production of this website

The reader should not be surprised to find references to cycling not entirely hidden in these pages, the author is a keen, but rather old and doddery cyclist. He is also an extremely unaccomplished artist so watch out for the poorly executed drawings and paintings which are likely to leap out at you from unexpected corners. If you are lucky and your surname is or was Duckmanton, you might be delighted to find bits of family history, or more likely skeletons being revealed in the accompanying pages. Be aware that such pages probably carry an undeclared PG rating at the very least. Don't say you haven't been warned.