Who is Ducko?

The vast majority of my immediate family members were given the nickname 'Ducky' at an early stage in their school careers. Unfortunately for me I scraped through the 11+ and was duly bundled off to Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School for Boys in nearby Mansfield where I was promptly nicknamed 'Ducko' by my peers. It appeared that there was at least one other Duckmanton at the school, but he was about to leave when I arrived so I was never inflicted with anything stupid like Ducko Minor or worse. Grammar school boys, it seems, tend to favour the -o suffix for nicknames rather than the -y suffix used by everyone else. For what it's worth, those in authority always referred to students by surname only. This explains why, even when I could still remember things, I was completely unable to recall the first names of any of my classmates. They only had nicknames or surnames as far as I knew.

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